a matter of philosophy…

We embrace a philosophy of win-win in all our relationships. Whether it be with clients or with our business partners.

win-win is at the top of the agenda

At DesignMatters Australia we have found this attitude to be highly rewarding on all levels and have seen clients grow alongside us since our inception in 1994. Many of whom are still with us today.

Our client relationships are organic in nature and our business size has allowed us the flexibility to often exceed our clients’ expectation, both in the physical services such as design and production as well as seeing potential marketing opportunities for clients and providing that information as a matter of course. Not because of immediate financial gain but because we know that when you do well so will we.

We are often referred to as honorary staff members and quite literally represent the marketing and advertising department of many of our small to medium business clients.

a matter of opinion…

“As PR consultants, we have been sub-contracting Design Matters for a  few years now. I  have always appreciated their creativity, commitment, expertise, dedication and reliability. Uta genuinely cares about the client and will go to the nth degree to ensure they are happy. The  quality of what DesignMatters consistently produces for my clients is not only for my clients’ benefit, but essential for my credibility as well.One of our favourite collaborations was described by top shelf Sydney-based marketing people as the ‘best corporate profile they’d ever seen’. Uta’s input was pivotal in achieving such a fabulous result.  It is a rare think to find a creative agency that  is as pro-active as DesignMatters, always aiming to meet current needs with the future directions and aims of the client in sight.Best of all, Uta and her team are a pleasure to deal with. She’s a high calibre human being who puts her heart into everything she does – and that’s priceless.”
M Fletcher
Inspiration Unlimited