a matter of ideas and solutions…

We are not an advertising agency, yet we do create advertising. Traditionally, the first recommendation you’ll received from and ad agency to fulfill your marketing needs is media spending, which, for a variety of reasons, may not suit you or your budget.

An advertising agency’s structure is geared to offer you media-buying capabilities, which you may not need, but are paying for anyway, regardless of the work performed for you.

so where do you go from here?

happy business people with thumbs upis there a suitable alternative?

The short answer is, ‘yes’ – a creative and marketing services agency.

DesignMatters Australia is a creative and marketing services agency offering an ‘integrated’ approach to marketing.

‘Integrated marketing’ is the current industry buzzword for plain common sense. As such, we are able to offer the key elements of the marketing strategy and are certainly better placed to plan and implement an ‘integrated strategy’.

Put simply, it means all you marketing activities are developed in a co-operative approach – advertising, direct marketing, sales promotions and public relations.